Fowey Gallants Sailing Club (FGSC) Sailing Bylaws

These bylaws are in addition to the club rules.

1) RACING SEASONS are as follows or as amended by notice.

SUMMER SEASON From April to end of October as per the racing calendar.
WINTER SEASON If required from October to December 31st.

AWARDS will be presented on specific occasions and at the Annual Laying up supper the date of which will be posted on the FGSC notice board. Details of trophies and winners are available on request to the Hon. Sailing Sec.


All members are required to:-

  • Enter on the appropriate Race Entry form issued by the Port of Fowey Race Organising Committee (POFROC) for the Seasons racing, Regatta racing and other special races.
  • Sign the declaration.
  • Pay the appropriate entry fee.
  • Complete a new Entry Form on the acquisition of a new yacht or dinghy, (no fee to pay).
  • All visitors may take part in season points races, subject to filling out a completed entry form and for a maximum of eight races.
  • The decision to race rests entirely with the skipper and crew of all craft and due consideration must be given to prevailing conditions and circumstances including the provision of rescue craft.


These are arranged by POFROC or the Hon. Sailing Sec., and are the Clubs Authority in charge of all races under their control. In special conditions or in adverse weather conditions the Flag Officer with responsibility for sailing may cancel or postpone racing after consultation with the OOD. The necessary equipment and members of the race team will be provided by POFROC.


This is restricted to the OOD and his race team, and members who have sort the Hon. Sailing Sec.’s permission.


These will be posted at the RFYC Race Office and at FGSC, as soon as possible subject to any protests.


Shall be made in accordance with the Racing Rules and the timings specified in the POFROC Sailing Instructions.


    1. FGSC accepts no responsibility for injury to any person or damage to any craft or gear of any member or competitor whether ashore or afloat.
    2. Adequate personnel safety gear must be carried at all times by every competing craft. All Troy and dinghy competitors must wear lifejackets whilst racing.
    3. The insurance of all craft competing in races or stored on FGSC property must at all times be adequate and is the sole responsibility of the owner. It is strongly recommended that full comprehensive cover be held. Should it be found that any craft involved in any incident is not adequately insured her entry into further races may be prohibited by the Sailing Committee who also reserve the right to deduct points or eliminate any craft from competition organised by the club.


    1. FGSC will make every endeavour to supply and man one or more safety boats for races organised by POFROC.
    2. In the event of insufficient safety boats being available Race Officers are authorised to cancel or restrict racing as they consider necessary
    3. The club safety boat(s) will be helmed and be under the command of a FGSC member, plus at least one other crew member.
    4. Safety Boats and mark laying craft have right of way, but will make every effort to keep clear when circumstances permit.
    5. Instructions given to competitors by Safety boats when so ordered by the Race Officer, shall be obeyed.

Members must bear in mind that within the approaches and confines of the harbour, vessels over 20m have only limited areas of deep water in which to navigate. It behoves members to accord them the right and courtesy of clear navigation and comply with the Rules of the Road.

Winter Series SIs




1. Sailing will be governed by the rules as defined by The Racing Rules of Sailing, and the by-laws of the Fowey Harbour Commissioners. The organising authority is Fowey Gallants Sailing Club (FGSC).

2. Handicap dinghy racing will take place on Sunday mornings from 3 November with the last race being Boxing Day. Time of warning signal will be no earlier than 1055.

3. Courses will be within the harbour. The Race Officer will meet the competitors at the North Street Yard at 1030 each race day to advise the course for that day. A course board will not be displayed. Competitors will sign on for each race at that meeting. Non-attendance at the briefing will not be cause for redress.

4. Change of course. Should it be apparent after the first mark that the course set may have become unsuitable then the lead boat may select an alternative course indicating this to others. Competitors are therefore required to be aware of boats ahead at all times.

5. The start and finish line will be between a staff displaying an orange flag at FGSC and a white painted mark on the riverbank opposite. There will be a single start for all classes.

6. Scoring. Points will be awarded to the helm and not the boats. Helms may sail a different class of boat in each race if so desired. Each lap will be timed, and if necessary slower boats will be finished on fewer laps but their race time calculated from their average completed lap times multiplied by the total number of laps completed by the first boat to finish.

7. One series race is required to be completed to constitute a series. A helms series score will be calculated by totalling the best results and discarding worst results as below:-

Number of races completed in series


One, two, three


Four, five


Six, seven, eight




8. The Boxing Day race will count for double points except the winner shall score zero. The Boxing Day race cannot be discarded. Prizegiving will be after the Boxing Day race at FGSC.

9. Protests are highly discouraged and will only be heard by the Race Officer immediately after the race at FGSC and upon payment of a £5 fee. The Race Officers decision will be final, and the fee will be donated to FGSC boat funds. Protest forms will not be required.

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