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I always find, when Troys are racing, that it pays never to get over inflated with ones sense of self importance. You never know what might happen – one minute you’re sitting there all innocently and then ‘pouff!’ – a sense of complete deflation. Luckily, most in the harbour are made of sterner stuff and can withstand the punishment, usually acquiring Troy windex or burgees as they hang hapless boats from bowsprits and rigging. There were, however, some wobbly bottom lips with the waving of the wobblewew flag on a wecent Wednesday night wace (sorry!) – a frustrating evening that perfectly illustrated the joys of racing in Fowey but at least we all had fun out there….

For those who don’t like the shouty shouty, the Club had its first official cruising club event, with a run down to St Mawes for some shanty singing and fraternisation at the sailing club. After a very enjoyable night, the several boats then had a rather lumpy sail back – I suppose it’s too much to ask for more than 1 day of Cornish sunshine at a time! Standby for further events being planned as the season goes on.

The club helped commemorate the 75th anniversary of D-Day with several members on the water taking part. It is hard to imagine what those times must have felt like, particularly for those brave folk who boarded the landing craft and transports not knowing what the next hours would hold for them. The exhibition in the town hall was fascinating and it was superb to see so many boats on the water for the parade.

There will be another ‘parade’ of a different sort, at the end of July, as part of the Troy anniversary weekend when we hope to have as many Troys as possible performing a parade of sail, in number order before Saturday racing. Its got to be in that order for historical reasons… and the only way some of us can get in front of Allen.

Junior sailing is going well with full courses and lots of happy kids enjoying the waters of Fowey, now the weather has improved. A very complementary letter of thanks was sent to the committee from a parent whose children have been taught by Spud and her team, so well done Spud! The generously donated laser is being put to good use and Spud has taken the club successfully through a recent RYA inspection with flying triangular colours. For details on courses, contact Spud on 07718071101 or see our new website at www.foweygallantssc.co.uk

Coming up, we have the ever popular Phil Beer performing a waterside concert on Saturday 20th July at 7pm. Tickets are on sale from the bar £15 for members with £2 supplement for non members. We also have the ‘Severn Whalers’, a Bristol based shanty group singing lunchtime, 14th July so why not come down for a drop of Nelson’s blood and a sing song – it won’t do you any ‘arm.

Don’t forget the galley is in full swing for the summer. James is serving dinner from 6-9pm Wednesday, Thursday Friday; breakfast on Saturdays 8:30-10:30 then lunch/dinner 12-9pm. The ever popular Sunday lunch is available 12-3pm with bookings advised through the website or bar.

Bar hours as follows: Monday & Tuesday – Closed; Wednesday 6-11pm; Thursday 6-10pm; Friday 6-11pm; Saturday 12-10pm; Sunday 12-5pm

Written by Ian Madgwick

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