About Gallants Sailing Club


Established in 1947 by Wilfrid Denaro, Fowey Gallants aimed to encourage youngsters of both sexes to sail. The early success was largely down to his Philanthropy. It proved very successful and many youngsters sailed with him on his yacht the Gallant.
However, in the early 1970’s Denaro in advancing years left Fowey and along with other issues promted a rethink of the club was forced. So in September 1972 the Fowey Gallants Sailing Club was formed through a merger between the Fowey Gallants and Fowey Sailing Club. At that time things were very different to the club we know now. For instance although liquor had been available at club functions a bar was not fully established until 1973 and then it was run by volunteer members. Downstairs was still a boat store with a slipway to the river for many years and boats were built there during the winter include Mirror dinghy kits for club use.
The provision for children remained high on the agenda, as it still does, there was a night for youngsters and sailing was continually encouraged with mirrors and other boats available for hire to members. The focus on the youngsters has continued to the junior section we now have, and this continues to be thanks to the hard work of volunteer members.
Through the 1970’s the club continued to grow and membership increased considerably. Towards the end of the 70’s a new long term lease was agreed and plans for the development of the club were made and several projects took place to improve the club.
During the 1980’s and 90’s larger projects were undertaken to provide us with the club we use now. The winter of 1985 saw the slipway filled in and the development of the downstairs to provide new toilet facilities and a newer kitchen, 1987 the bar was redeveloped to as it is now and for the first time a club steward was employed to run the bar. Around a decade later in 1998 though was perhaps one of the biggest projects with the redevelopment of downstairs, both inside and out, to provide a new boat shed and storage area, a larger outside recreation area, increased toilet, shower and changing facilities, a new and fully equipped kitchen and the addition of a downstairs bar.
This brings us to the club we have now, with a full annual sailing programme, a thriving junior section and a well run and sociable club.


Flag and Honorary Officers


Commodore – Allen Toms
Vice Commodore – Andy Groves
Rear Commodore – Graham Slack
Honorary Secretary – Gary Barr – secretary@foweygallantssc.co.uk
Honorary Treasurer – Paula Trewick – bar@foweygallantssc.co.uk
Honorary Membership Secretary- Tracey Groves – membership@foweygallantssc.co.uk
Honorary Sailing Secretary- Andrew Dellow



Ian Madgwick – Bosun – fgscbosun@gmail.com
Nicola Horne –  Website and Media – info@foweygallantssc.co.uk
Yvette Gamble
Helen Doe
Trudy Rosevink
Bruce McDonald

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